Cynthia Thomas (Ms)

Little Footprints Preschool (Cedarwood Grove)

Cynthia Thomas (Ms)
16 May 2018

MAKE EVERY DROP COUNT💧Cultivating a Caring and Reflective attitude towards our earth🌍

This year we kickstart the SSDB by inviting Henkel Singapore Pte Ltd on 22nd March 2018 to join in creating a community awareness on saving water and conserving energy. This project is aligned with our school’s core values: Caring and Reflective. With the parents and children’s involvement in this project, we aim to cultivate a caring and reflective attitude towards our earth🌏. During this learning process, we believe children gained knowledge in finding ways to save water, conserving energy and using natural resources carefully. With this experience, children will eventually inculcate habits that promote sustainability for a lifetime!

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