Cherry Chie

Just Kids @ Marine Parade

Cherry Chie
30 Aug 2017

Let's Save the Earth - Solar Jars and Cars Project

Throughout the year, Just Kids @ Marine Parade has been inculcating in our children that they can do their part to save the Earth. From water conservation, to looking at alternative sources of energy, every little effort that the children put in goes a long way in contributing to reducing pollution and protecting the Earth.

As part of the brainstorming process, the children created crafts from paper plates about what they could do to contribute. These crafts are put up along the corridors, so that the children could get a daily reminder of the message to give their best for the world that we live in.

In the second part of the year, we delved more into renewable energy, specifically solar energy. To further this interest, one of the projects that we did was to create a solar jar.

Once charged, the solar panel will provide energy, so that the light bulb in the jar could light up. The children also had lots of fun decorating their own sun-powered light jar.

The other project that we did was to build a solar car. We started from experimenting with a commercial solar toy car.

Then the class decided that they wanted to do more, by making it more environmentally friendly. Thus, we attempted to make our own solar toy car using recycled materials.

To wrap everything up, we presented our project at “Just Kids Earth Walk” event, to spread our learning of solar energy and solar car.

Our journey doesn’t stop here. We urge you to join us as we continue our efforts in saving the Earth!

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