Nuryani Binte Jeman

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Canberra Blk 487 (KN)

Nuryani Binte Jeman
1 Sep 2017

Let's Care, Let's Swish!

What is Swishing? Swishing is the act of exchanging an unwanted item with someone else’s unwanted item. It’s a project to help children realize that something that they might not want, might be something another child wants. These items get a new lease of life under new owners.

Firstly, children brought their donated items to school and received tokens to exchange their items during the party.

Items brought by the children.

The children enjoyed the party and the activities that was planned to raise awareness of reusing, reducing and recycling.

We had a mass picnic outdoor to reduce the electricity usage on that day and watched a 3R skit performed by the teachers.

The children had opportunities to create masterpieces using recyclable materials and leaves with their parents.

Children and parents pledge to take to change the world no matter how small the steps are.

Prior to the swishing party day, parents are encouraged to participate in our recycling project where they created places/ transportation/ people in Singapore using only recyclable materials. The parents got to vote for their favourite creations.

Lastly, the highlight was the swishing part! The children had a variety of second hand items to choose from. They learnt the importance of reusing items that are still in good condition by passing it on to other who may need/ want them.

The remaining items after the swishing party was collected and sent to Salvation Army.

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