Shaireen Joy Lapitan

YWCA Bukit Gombak CDC

Shaireen Joy Lapitan
4 Sep 2018

Learning Journey at Singapore Zoo

To recap and apply everything that they have learnt about our main topic on four endangered animals, K1 children went to Singapore Zoo to conclude the whole project. They were given an activity booklet each that they needed to answer along the way of our learning journey.

They found out that there are other animals that are endangered too! They looked at each animals and took a photo.

First Station: Inuka The Polar Bear

It’s a good thing to share with them why Inuka died. They were able to share their own opinions and views why it happened. Some children said Inuka died because he’s already old and some said it’s because the weather in Singapore was very hot.

Second Station: Rhinoceros

“What’s that smell?” was the first reaction of our K1 children. They knew that they are about to reach their next station, The Rhinoceros. They observed the movements of the Rhinos, what they were eating and how big and fat they were. In this station, they identified the part of the Rhino which were hunted. 

Third Station: Zebra

Children drew the unique characteristic of a zebra-their stripes.

Station 4: White Tiger

Children watched a video clip on how poachers hunt white tigers. They also observed the different body parts of the tigers that were mostly harvested. 

Station 5: Orangutan

As they stepped in to the place of Orangutan, children were already sharing about the facts they knew about Orangutan. They shared that Orangutan has 32 teeth like humans and Orangutans are endangered because of the rampant cutting of trees which served as are their shelter.

“We believe that our future generation have to be aware of these endangered animals and on how they could involve themselves in saving them while they are still young. We are glad and satisfied that our K1 children had done their part and will always be a part of this project.”

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