Ms Stefanie

Eshkol Valley @ Northstar Pte Ltd

Ms Stefanie
5 Aug 2018

GUARDIANS OF THE SEA  (In collaboration with S. E. A. Aquarium and Pasir ris park/beach cleaners)

On 11 April, we launched our first ssdb project. We are honored to be the first preschool to collaborate with S. E. A. Aquarium (S. E. A. A) for the SSDB president’s challenge 2018.

Friendly staff from SEAA also visited the kindergarten children from Eshkol Valley @ Northstar to share about the harmful effects of plastic pollution on marine life and us, and how we can be avocades for Healthy Oceans - ‘Guardians of the Sea’.

In addition, SEAA also sponsored recycled bags for children to design, use as well as to spread the message of marine conservation. These bags were also being displayed at SEAA during the 2018 world ocean fest together with a video compilation of the process and partnership with SEAA, presented by ACKTZ production.

Check out SEAA’s blog to view the video: Eshkol Valley Preschool in collaboration with S.E.A.Aquarium

We were also very honoured to be invited to the launch of the World Oceans Day Fest 2018 and be presented with a plague for the partnership with SEAA. To God be the glory!

During the ocean fest 2018, there were various booths and activities where children could also learnt more about marine conservation.

The children acquired so much knowledge and experiences from the partnership with SEAA.

Marine plastic pollution is one of the most serious threats to the health of oceans and has been ongoing for several years. Hence, our school chose to collaborate with S.E.A. Aquarium to do as much as possible to raise awareness against marine plastic pollution, as marine pollution not only affects marine creatures and the waters, but also the human food chain and our health. In line with SSDB’s slogan, “no one can do everything but everyone can do something”, partnering with S.E.A. Aquarium also provides a platform for children to be ocean advocates to raise awareness against marine plastic pollution. - Ms. Stefanie, Principal of Eshkol Valley preschool.

Appreciation Day at Pasir ris park

Children also showed their appreciation to the park/ beach cleaners in Pasir ris park. Parents contributed various gifts in appreciation to the cleaners for all their efforts in keeping Singapore Clean and green. The cleaners were very appreciative and even let the children explore their vehicles.

The children also played their part by picking up litters from the beach.

Continued efforts in raising awareness against Marine plastic pollution

Children, families and school also played our part in helping to promote marine conversation by practising upcycling, reducing, reusing and recycling.

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