Ng Kok Weng


Ng Kok Weng
23 Jul 2018

Giving of 'Sadaqa' - Charitable donation by NurtureStars Punggol to Pertapis Home! Remembering the less fortunate and underprivileged during festivity!

Our Hari Raya celebrations on 19th June 2018, provided NurtureStars Punggol with an excellent opportunity to highlight the significance of ‘sadaqa’, or charity by organising a month long donation drive for Hari Raya goodies and pre-loved clothes for the beneficiaries of Pertapis Home. As seen in the picture, we delivered all our donations to Mdm Norbayah of Pertapis Home with the help of our parent volunteer who drove us to the destination.

Being charitable and providing for the needy are important features of the Muslim character and is the Third Pillar of Islam. Teachers took time and effort to explained to all our children and parents on ‘Why is charity so important?’ We also emphasised that charity can be carried out by non-Muslims as long as you have a heart which is filled with kindness, empathy and ready to help those in need.

Teachers also explained that the existence of countless starving, poor, hungry and destitute Muslims and non-Muslims in the world points to the need for this essential teaching to be put into practice. Affluent people may not realize how their wealth could strengthen whole communities. Giving charity correctly is crucial to both the well-being of the needy as well as the ultimate happiness of the wealthy.

Teachers taught children that ‘sadaqa’ can be given to anyone in many forms including a smile, wise advice, or helping to build a home or masjid.

After the celebrations, the children were able to understand that charity serves as a way to bring justice, balance and kindness to every society and community. It is our hope that our children who are rooted in this multi-racial community will grow up to fulfill their charitable duty wherever possible and will do their part to eliminating poverty in communities everywhere. #SSDB2018

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