Teacher Aishah

My First Skool @ Jurong West Blk 648C

Teacher Aishah
9 Sep 2018

Food Bank Donation

To sum up our project, JW4 has liaise with the Food Bank company to donate our part of contribution from the fiesta night bazaar event. Children and parents are involved to take part in packing and sorting out all the goodies into the boxes provided.

As seen in the picture below, the person had organised the programme for us. It gave a whole lot of opportunities to the children of understanding the needy people and families that live in Singapore. Some children are able to answer when being questioned by the person. They learn about staples food, condiments, snacks and many more.

Children also learnt about the “halal” logo food for the muslim as they cannot consume a product that do not have the halal logo. They learn about expiry dates as they have to check first before packing and sorting.

We are glad to be part in the SSDB project for this year. Thank you to teachers, children and parents support to make it happened. I hope you enjoy reading our SSDB journey!

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