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29 Aug 2018

Cherie Hearts Kidz Campus @Pasir Ris  Elias Mall  -   Event:  Collaboration with Cerebral Palsy Alliance Singapore (CPAS) 2018

As one of our community service projects, our centre has started to collaborate with CPAS since Year 2017.

First, we started with our K2 children’s visit to its Classroom (located at Block 629 Pasir Ris Drive 3) for Early Intervention Programme for Infants & Children (EIPIC) on 17 August 2017.

This year, our collaboration with CPAS has been extended to invite CPAS students included not only our children visit to its classroom but also

Through this collaboration, our children will learn about value of respect and empathy towards others who are different and with disabilities.

Our staff and children had been very excited to meet the children from CPAS as they felt that it would be a good opportunity for them to experience interacting with children from CPAS. Objectives:

Children with cerebral palsy will have opportunities to experience in our daily activity.

Children will learn the value of respect and empathy towards special persons.

Children become more accepting of others who are different from them by looking past their differences, focusing more on their similarities.

Thus, together, we brainstormed with CPAS staff and scheduled and planned activities for CPAS students to interact and have fun with our Kindergartens’ students.

(I)   27 March 2018 (Tuesday) - 

CPAS Children’s Visit to Cherie Hearts Kidz Campus @Pasir Ris Elias Mall

For the Ice-breaking” activity, CPAS children and our children sang ‘Baby Shark’ and danced together.

After “Ice-breaking” activity, we went into the class for main activity. In conjunction with our “Animal” theme, we prepared some handmade dough and tools for children to craft out their own unique animal sculptures. The children exchanged ideas and had fund working together.

Before end of the session, our children handed out little gifts to the CPAS children.

A group photograph was taken before CPAS children left our centre.

(II)  29 March 2018 (Thursday)  -  

Our K2 Children Visit to CPAS

Before journey to CPAS, our children had been engaged in a sharing session to identify what it meant to be kind and act of kindness. The children learned and discussed about how they could be friends to children with disabilities.

After that, our K2 children started their journey to CPAS.

On 29 March 2018, upon arriving CPAS, the children were first engaged in simple music and movement activities and explored with a few different musical instruments.

After that, the children gathered around to hold onto a “giant” parachute and then tried to roll the ball into the middle of the parachute. This activity gave children opportunity to interact and build relationship with others.

After the visit, our children shared and discussed among their peers and teachers about what they had done at CPAS. Through the visit, they learned about showing respect for diversity and recognising that everyone is unique. 

(III)   10 April 2018 (Tuesday)  -  

CPAS Children Visit to Cherie Hearts Kidz Campus @Pasir Ris Elias Mall

Knock! knock! Our CPAS friends came to play again! This time we were closer than before. We sat in a circle and sang a hello song together.

This time, we prepared even more activities for them to play with us. The children made animal puppets and decorated it together! ‘Woof!’ ‘Meow!’ ‘Raw!’

Next, the children were provided with paint, markers and drawing blocks to do some artworks.

“Let me show off my works!”

“Let’s show off our work once again!”

“It was so cool! We are looking forward to more play dates together!”

(IV)  24 April 2018 (Tuesday) -

CPAS Children Visit to Cherie Hearts Kidz Campus @Pasir Ris Elias Mall

Hooray! 24 April 2018, our friends from the Cerebral Palsy Alliance Singapore (CPAS) were here to play with our children again.

For tuning-in activity, our children decided to share more about their favourite toys and hobbies. This time, the children got to know each other even better. They sat in a circle and sang a hello song together.

On 24 April 2018, we introduced our learning corners and what our children do at our centre to our CPAS friends.

“Look at our colourful foam blocks! Let us build a palace together!”

“Pass the ball to me! Over here!”

“Come, let me tell you a story!”

(V)  15 May 2018 (Tuesday) - 

Our K2 Children Visit to CPAS

In CPAS, on 15 May 2018, the children were first engaged in singing “Hello” song and “Good Morning” song.

Thereafter, the Children sang warm-up song, i.e. “Head, Shoulders, Knees” song, with CPAS children. Then CPAS Teacher lead the children to do dimple warm-up exercise such as stretch hand, Arms, hip rotation then jumping jacks.

Going for outdoor activities.

The first game was called “Team Walk”.

Children practiced coordination, tracking with team work.

The next game was “Don’t Fall into the Lava”. Children practiced balancing, and bending down through this game.

The third game was “We can Carry the Balls”.

Children practiced coordination and teamwork together.

It was a wonderful experience for both our teachers and children.

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