Giong Mei Feng

[INACTIVE] PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Limbang Blk 543 (kn)

Giong Mei Feng
21 Sep 2018

A Tribute to the Pioneers

The children brought along their plastic flowers that they had made to SparkleCare @ Yew Tee Blk 625. They were there for a mission! It is to embrace on the values that the teachers has taught them, to show kindness and care to the elderly.

It was a good exposure for the children to know about their environment because it is true that everyone will age. It is important to take care of the elderly. In addition, the children could relate their experiences and the connection to our centre Niche Programme Project Happy and Healthy Me – Singapore Kindness Day.

From the exposure they had on Cleaners’ Appreciation Day, they built up their level of competency and confidence, as well as excitement for another performance here. Children had gained more experience and had a good time in performing externally.

Mrs Ivy Loh, the centre principal, presented and explained the procedure and meaning of these flowers to the elderly and staff in SparkleCare.

Children interacted with the elderly politely and engaged in conversation. To some children, it could be their first time talking to the elderly. On the other hand, some children were very comfortable and happy to communicate with them. They were delighted to spend quality time with the elderly that morning.

We have come to an end of SSDB Plastic Transformers upcycling project for this term.

This project had amazed by the communities such as the parents, cleaners and elderly.

It is definitely a successful and wonderful FIRST time experience for us in participating SSDB 2018.

Mrs Ivy Loh said, “I feel so proud of the children!” So as the teachers !

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