Agape Little Uni. @ CCK

Agape Choa Chu Kang

Agape Little Uni. @ CCK
2 Aug 2017

A New Life Bazaar

Our centre organised a fundraising bazaar on 22 July 2017 (Saturday) to educate our children on how they can play their part in environmental conservation and make small contributions to the community. 

Every levels were involved in creating different creative products from various materials! Our N1s created animal piggy banks from plastic bottles, our N2s made kaleidoscopes and phone holders from toilet rolls, our K1s turned old newspapers into recycled papers and crafted photo frames out of them, and finally our K2s designed abstract art using magazines!

Besides the items created by our children, our parents supported us with multiple donations of old clothes, toys, books and many more for our flea market! 

We also had yummy food prepared by our aunties, a photo booth for a variety of props to choose from, 2 games stall and a hands on booth where participants can make their own tote bags from old tees!

Our K1s and K2s were actively involved to tend the booths and promote the different products and games on the day of the bazaar! We took a group photo before the start of the bazaar 🤗

Once the bazaar is officially open, flocks of parents, relatives and friends came to support! Our K1s and K2s having big smiles as they promote their booths and convince participants to buy their items, play some games, take a photo and try making a tote bag! 

It was a really successful bazaar as we exceeded our target of $1000!!! All proceeds will be donated to the President’s Challenge to help their numerous beneficiaries 😃 We took a final group photo at the end of the bazaar as well. 

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