Soh Soek Leng

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Soh Soek Leng
18 Jul 2018

2018 SSDB: Be Kind.

14 April 2018 SSDB Launch.

K1 children showcased their apparel creations made from recycled materials in the fashion show and dance to promote awareness of being kind to our environment in the public.

From April to June, the K2 children embarked on a project to Be Kind to the animals. They chose to do the project on penguins. They went on a learning journey to the zoo to learn more about penguins. They learnt how human activities have affected the lives of the penguins.

In the midst of learning to be kind to penguins, they also learnt that it is also important to be kind to people around them. They decided to use what they have learnt from the project to raise some fund for the less privileged people. They assisted in the preparation of photo booth and put up performance for the SSDB charity carnival 2018 to raise fund for the President’s challenge.

Other levels children were also actively involved in the charity carnival by preparing food to sell in the carnival.

The big day on 18 June 2018 finally arrived. The parents actively supported the children and school by attending the carnival and made purchases generously. The fund raising carnival was a great success.

The SSDB activity has provided the children an opportunity to learn to help the community in small little ways. Well done, children!.

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