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PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Teck Ghee Blk 310A

Ong Xue Shi Stacy
17 Aug 2017

❤ SSDB & SKM: Spread The Kind Smile :)

How to be kind? It’s easy, just smile!! :) ❤

The children from K1 Courage and K2 Kindness strongly believed in this sentence. They have initiated this idea to spread the kind smile to the community. To them, to be kind, you have to be happy and spread happiness to everyone, even to the people you do not know. Come and read about our past exciting events!!

  • Launch Party on 8th April 2017

To allow parents to understand what is SSDB and our proposed project, PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Teck Ghee held a launch party to invite parents of participating children, from the N2 Trust to K2 Kindness. Parents were presented through a PowerPoint slide and some SSDB videos. They elated to know that their child could be involved in such meaningful project. We had a mini cake-cutting ceremony with some delicious refreshments. After which, the parents and children did a bonding activity to colour the Singa figurine.

  • Kindness Walk Preparation — Month of June

For the upcoming Kindness Walk, the children were very excited to spread kindness in the neighbourhood. They were very participative throughout this school holiday in preparing the kindness gifts. The children were asked to design 100 door hangers which were kindly provided by Singapore Kindness Movement (SKM). A variety of art materials such as crayons, coloured pens and markers, and coloured pencils were used to design. The children were highly motivated to complete them all! Great Job!

The next gifts are the handmade flower crafts from recycled materials. Each class came out with a variety of flower using recycled materials such as cardboard egg cartons, magazine, Yakult bottles and straws etc. It was fun painting them with beautiful colours!

Nearing the date of the Kindness Walk, the children transformed into mighty helpers in packing the goodie bags. The teachers assigned children to their stations and roles. With great teamwork and cooperation, the children did a splendid job in packing each goodie bag nicely. After packing them, the children looked at the 80 colourful goodie bags and were looking forward in giving them to the community people!

  • Kindness Walk at AMK Bus Interchange —19th July 2017

The children were so excited that they were going to the Kindness Walk! After so much practice and preparation, they could finally put on their magic orange hat and transformed into Kindness Agents of PCF! With that, they were off to complete their 3 missions!

1. Talk to 20 passer-bys and teach them how to be kind by reading the Kindness Book. ❤ They were such brave and kind children! It was encouraging to hear from the public that the children were nice and friendly. Many of them praised them for being brave and cute. It was a great experience for the children too!

  1. Give goodie bags to elderly and cleaners who have worked hard in our nation. ❤ The children were a little shy to talk to the elderly, but still happy to make them smile by giving them goodie bags.
  1. Give goodie bags to the bus captains of SBS Transit and thanked them for their hard work. ❤ The bus captains were so friendly and they were overjoyed to receive the goodie bags! Mission accomplished!

The children and teachers had a wonderful experience out in the neighbourhood to spread kindness. We would like to thank all the parents who donated the items generously and those who have come down to volunteer in the Walk. We hope that you have enjoyed the learning process with us too! :) ❤

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