Noorlinda Bte Buang

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Jurong Central Blk 404 (CC)

Noorlinda Bte Buang
14 Apr 2018

   Little Befrienders

Communication is a two way street? Most of the children feel that older people dont like them. What do they base this belief on? The most common response is that the older person doesnt respond to the childrens’ comments. On the other hand many older people feel that children dont like them because they are slow or they do not have anything worthwhile to talk about. Wide gaps in age, beliefs, tradition and habits contribute to communication difficulties between the two

However, the benefits of encouraging relationships between the youngsters and the senior community are as follows: Opportunities to learn new skills and methods of doing things. Encouraging children to accept people of all ages, capabilties and limitations, providing both child and adult with direction and purpose and alleviating isolanism for elderlies.

We seek the collaboration from the Management from NTUC Health Silver Circle Elderly care, K2 teachers and a PSG to make it more meaningful to all parties. We worked on familiarities and doable task. A lesson plan and scheduled aligned with festivities and themes are created for the whole of year 2017 starting from October 2016. It will end with an exhibition on our journey towards compassion and care for our elderly.

Through hands on activities prepared tailored for children and the the elders, the school will produce not only active and confident learners but also contributors to the community.

This is SSDB project is our Tribute to all involved especially our Little Befrienders who has grown to be confident and nurturing towards the elderly.

This is our journey……….

This is the activity that we did together for CNY 2017. A hong bao fish and a Lion Dance by Little Befrienders

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