Pat's Schoolhouse @ Gentle Road

12 Gentle Road
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One can easily find Pat's Schoolhouse @ Gentle Road tucked away quietly in a cosy corner along Gentle Road. Many parents caught wind of this vibrant childcare centre through word of mouth and referrals among friends, neighbours and colleagues. The current parent profile at the centre consists of 75% local professionals and 25% expatriates coming from countries such as Japan, France, Spain, China and the US.  The parents are very supportive of the centre’s curriculum and appreciate its flexibility. These parents play a significant role in their child’s education by participating actively in the school’s lesson plans, building up strong rapport with the teachers.


The education journey at Pat's Schoolhouse @ Gentle Road is  led by the principal, Amanda Yong and the vice-principal, Juliana. They have 20 years of early childhood experience between them. Their passion for early childhood education has growen over the years as they have came to love every aspect of the job. The early childhood educators at the centre recognise that the first 6 years are very important for the child’s growth. The dedicated staff are forward looking and enjoy being on the ground with the children. They learn with the children too, experimenting and sharing effective teaching techniques to bring the best out of the kids. They are very affectionate, creating strong bonds with their charge. The entire teaching crew at Learning Vision @ Novena is very professional and only want the very best for these young ones.

Pet's Schoolhouse @ Gentle Road organises a wide range of events for the children. The institute often brings the children out for field trips. For the Art theme program, the children were brought to the Singapore River and tasked to create sculptures of iconic landscapes from recycled materials. The children have also frequented several drama and theatre performances. The centre has worked with NParks to conduct its Nature theme program. Guides from NParks expose the students to nature by bringing them around Singapore Botanic Gardens, HortPark and Diary Farm Nature Reserve on multiple trips. The guides enlighten the young ones about Singapore’s fauna and flora. The early childhood centre is an active participant in community outreach programs. The young ones went to visit the Children’s Home, appreciating that some children are not as privileged as themselves. They also collected canned pet food for the SPCA charity drive. There is also the TOUCH program initiative whereby the young kids give a portion of their allowance to the needy.

Parents who desire more for their children can sign up for the enrichment classes with Pet's Schoolhouse @ Gentle Road. There is wide spectrum of programs available, namely Art, Sports, Gym, Science, Mandarin and English Speech and Drama. These unique additions to the curriculum are aesthetically inclined, complementing the child’s holistic education. Pat's Schoolhouae @ Gentle Road aims to cultivate a continuous learning desire within the children. The child should be independent and confident enough to take up challenges. The centre promotes active learning as opposed to passive learning whereby the children are encouraged to ask questions. There is ample opportunity in this  preschool for an inquisitive child to explore and investigate the world around them. 


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