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Just Kids @ Jurong

Jeslin Png
22 Aug 2017

Yuhua National Day Dinner Performance on Environmental Awareness

Just Kids @ Jurong was honoured to be invited to participate in this year’s Yuhua National Day Dinner with Minister Grace Fu, Advisor to Yuhua Grassroots Organisations and Mr Bruce Gosper, Australian High Commissioner as Guests-of-Honour on 19 August 2017.

During our preparation process, we thought of how we can make an impactful performance with a strong and meaningful message to send across, thus we came up with an idea to let our children dress up in handmade costumes using recycled plastic bags and selected and edited a song to spread environmental awareness.

The message we want to send across to the audience is: As we celebrate the nation’s birthday, we wish to raise awareness on the importance of reducing wastage and strive to maintain a clean and green Singapore. The children from Just Kids @ Jurong wish to let you know that every resource is precious and we shall do what we can to protect the Earth we live in.

The children happily posing in their costumes.

The children welcoming the Guests of Honour as they arrive.

We were so proud of the awesome performance they put up in front of the crowd of 1500 residents with no signs of stage fright.

Special thanks to the helpful and supportive parents/ grandparents who helped in preparing the children and allowing them be part of this meaningful event.

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