Espanola Elvira Ortiz

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Jurong Central Blk 404 (CC)

Espanola Elvira Ortiz
30 Aug 2018

Whether the Weather

We were caught in a heavy downpour on the way to Jacob Ballas. Contigency plans were laid out.

The news statements afterwards said that the recorded rainfall that morning was more than half of the average rainfall for the entire month of June.

While inside our bus, the traffic kept us busy talking about the flash floods that we have seen on our way.

Looking through their window, children started to worry about the people stranded in flooded bus stops. Interesting observations followed.

“How will they get out from there?”

“The water is going up to their legs.”

“Why the water so brown?

Climate Change. Click video.

Responses intensified when we reached Bukit Timah area wherein the children saw a canal brimming with water. “Will the water spill?,” one child asked.

“Climate Change can make floods you know”, told one child. Some of them recalled the brief discussions we had on climate change a month ago.

Follow-up questions from teachers sustained children’s curiosity over the current weather condition. Points about climate change and helping our environment were heard ,till we reached our destination.

Our stroll inside Jacob Ballas was another story to tell. But, we can all agree, that the incidental learning we had on our way there made the trip more interesting, insightful and fun.

Our hopes in saving the environment will not be kept under the weather.

Whether the weather.

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