Padmini D/O Baskaran Mrs Padmini Suresh

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Keat Hong Blk 411 (KN)

Padmini D/O Baskaran Mrs Padmini Suresh
12 Oct 2017

The Visit to SWAMI Home by our K1 and K2 children.

After all our children’s dedication to prepare for the trip to SWAMI Home we finally arrive to the Home with an excited group of about 60 children consisting K1 and K2 and 20 adults of teachers and parents.

Our wonderful parents helping to load all the donations of food items etc into our bus.

Upon reaching at the place children put up performances which they had been practising over the days to entertain the residents of SWAMI.

After the dance our principal presented the appreciation craftwork to the home.

We all then walked around to meet and greet the residents. Children distributed goodie bags to the residents while they greeted and wished them.

Children had great experience during their visit and showed care and love to the residents there. We thank SWAMI Home for accomodating us and for the wonderful experience.

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