Maimon Bte Sopan

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Cashew Blk 183 (CC)

Maimon Bte Sopan
4 Sep 2018

Story 3- PCF Sparkletots @ Cashew Blk 183 - "A Home For All"

A Home For All

Our theme for the annual GreenWave event; tied with SSDB project. This year GreenWave, we planned to work towards a greener environment so much so that not only us – people, but the animals and plants too can call this Mother Earth, HOME. We invited World Wildlife Federation (WWF) and National Environment Agency (NEA) to give talks and setup various stations to educate the children on ways they could go green. A butterfly station was also set up by some butterfly enthusiasts volunteers to share about butterflies and their lifecycle. We also had our VIPs planting the butterfly host plant in our garden to kick-start our 2nd part of the SSDB project –Our Butterfly Garden.

Mass performance by the children.

Station setup by WWF:

Children learnt about the human activities that causes harm to the animals in Coral Triangle.

Speaker from WWF sharing with children some ways they could help the animals living in the sea.

Speaker from NEA sharing on good practices to keep the environment clean.

NEA Game Station: Children fishing out the litters from the ‘water’ !

‘Travel Green’ Station: This station is to educate children that travelling by cycling is a way to help to GO GREEN!

Planting Station: Children brought recycled bottles from home to do planting. They were also given a mini booklet to observe and record their plant growth.

Spot the Butterfly Station: Live butterflies and caterpillars brought by the volunteers to show the children. There were pictures to show the life cycle of different butterflies too!

Children were so fascinated by the up-close experience with the butterflies and caterpillars.

Planting the butterfly host plant in our school garden with Minister Dr Vivian.

Our garden signage: ‘ A HOME FOR ALL’

Releasing the butterflies…

Capturing the moment of releasing.

Up-close with a butterfly in our garden.

Dear butterfly, please do come and stay!

The GreenWave event was a success!

Children learnt about the different ways they could protect the Earth and the animals through the various activities in the stations.

Moving on, we plan to plant more flowering and butterfly host plants to attract butterflies into our garden. Children will be learning about butterflies and how we can help to prevent butterflies in Singapore from becoming endangered.

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