Li Mei Hwa

My First Skool @ Boon Lay Blk 180B

Li Mei Hwa
1 Aug 2017

Start Small Dream Big Launch Party 2017 - We 'adopted' our own penguins! (My First Skool @ 180B Boon Lay Drive)

The K1 children of My First Skool (180B Boon Lay Drive) are participating in the SSDB 2017 project.

As we were brainstorming of what we could do, some of them were sharing about helping animals. Taking their interest from there, the class voted to learn more about Penguins and the dangers they are facing daily due to the environment changes.

To get the children excited and parents involved, we planned the launch party, revolving the idea of symbolically ‘adopting a penguin’.

Before the launch party, children and teachers decorated the centre and classroom with decorations sent from the SSDB committee as well as our very own pledge cards!

On the evening of 31 March 2017, Parents and children participated excitedly during the making of their penguins.

Together, completed the beautiful diorama.

They also helped to fill penguin pledge card by contributing their fingerprints.

After the launch party, the children and parents got a better understanding of the project and looked forward in participating in the activities following after.

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