Fathin Nasuha Bte Md Sham

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Fathin Nasuha Bte Md Sham
1 Sep 2018

Start of our SSDB Journey - Stage 1

Stage 1, Introduction.

(Week 1 June Holidays)

There were a lot to plan before we can start on our SSDB journey. We wanted to make this journey to be educational and fun for our children. At the end of the day, our main objective is to encourage the children to learn to be kind and mindful of others.

Teachers took advantage of the June holidays to implement the lessons in. As we chose Giant Pandas to focus on, the start of the holidays was more on introducing the children about Giant Pandas. That is stage 1.

Here we have our PG children. They were all very focused as their Laoshi talked about the Giant Pandas.

N1 children sharing pictures of pandas. (Habitat and what they eat.)

K1-K2 getting on board to learned more about Giant Pandas. 

This week was so much fun for the children. They learnt about Giant Pandas’ habitat, their food source and even read story books about them! Next week, they are going to start to be more hands on.

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