Hazel Yeo

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Hazel Yeo
3 Aug 2017

SSDB 2017 Our Green Generation - it starts with US!

Upcycling Project

Children have shown love, care and kindness to our EARTH by learning what ‘waste’ is, what they can do to produce lesser ‘waste’ and how 3Rs works. They learnt that reducing is cutting back on the amount of trash we make, reusing is finding a new way to use trash so that we don’t have to throw it out, and recycling is using trash to remake new goods that can be sold again. They had developed awareness and concern for the environment they live in.

Parents and Children responded well to the recycle drive! They brought many “recyclables items” from home.!

Sorting materials according to the same attribute. 

Children were encourage to be creativity and originality in they project.

Anti-Litter Poster (spread the words)

Children were planning, discussing and designing a “Anti-Litter Poster” to share environmental awareness with their peers and parents. “Do not litter”

Children were discussing the cause and negative effects of growing amounts of rubbish. They were able to listen, share opinions / ideas verbally and confidently.

Singapore Kindness Movement : Keep Singapore Clean

Children learnt that Singapore is their home and each and every one of us is responsible for keeping shared spaces clean and green. Therefore, they decided to join the “Singapore Kindness Movement” Campaign organised by the Botanic garden, keeping Singapore clean! They participated in activities to keep common spaces clean by picking up litters.

Children enjoyed themselves in this clean and green environment!!! Well done!

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