Yasmeen Begum

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Radin Mas Blk 70a (kn)

Yasmeen Begum
3 May 2017

Save water save life

PCF Sparkletots Preachool @Radin Mas 70A embarked on our 1st SSDB  project this year. After a brainstorming session, we chose water conservation as our theme for this project. Our aim is to bring awareness of the importance of water to our children, parents and the public.

We had our SSDB launch party on Friday, 7 April 2017. Prior to the launch party, children, Teachers and the centre principal were involved in decorating the activity for the event. 

 Parents were invited for the launch party where a talk on water conservation was given. After the talk, there was a parent-child activity of bookmark making. There was also a parent-parent team activity and colouring activity for children. 

Overall, it was a memorable event, where children and parents enjoyed and learnt importance of water conservation. 

After the launch, the children were brought out on another day to bring the awareness of water conservation to the public. Children accompanied by teachers went to nearby places such as mrt station and food centre to distribute the bookmarks made to the public. 

As part of the ongoing SSDB project, more activities will follow up soon.

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