Nur Amira Bte Alwi

7oaks Preschool - Pasir Ris 1

Nur Amira Bte Alwi
1 Dec 2017

Recycled water

Having learnt about recycling, reusing and reducing, the children visited PUB NEWater Visitor Centre where they get to explore more about recycled water. 

Nursery, K1 and K2 children are all ready to enter!

We watched a video about Singapore’s water sources and how to reduce the use of water daily. After a short storytelling, we shout out the new cheer we learned on saving water!

Time to sort out the trash from the water!

Then, we pretended to be water droplets and went through the 3 stages of recycling water.

To end the tour, we were taught on how to create a Rain Garden step-by-step. The children were happy to bring them home along with the goodie bag that includes the shower timer, NEWater bottle and many more. It was fruitful fieldtrip indeed!

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