Charlyn Yau

Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse @ Newton

Charlyn Yau
11 Jun 2018

Project HEART: June Holiday Program. Week 1

After the Launch Party back in April, Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse @ Newton continues our journey with Project HEART during the June Holidays.

With 3 weeks of activities planned, the children from K1 and K2 will be touching on 3 topics; Physical Disabilities, Mental Disabilities and How We Can Help People With Special Needs.

During the first week of our program, the children at Kiddiwinkie Newton were introduced to the different types of Physical Disabilities. We talked about people who are visually handicapped, people who have hearing impairment and those who are physically handicapped. One of our activities aims to help the children understand blindness, they were blindfolded and tasked to identify items that were passed to them. They were also instructed by their classmates to draw a few objects on the whiteboard while being blindfolded.

After the activity, we asked our children about their experience and had a discussion about it. From there, we also talked about how we can help people who are visually handicapped. As the first week for our June Holidays program comes to an end, the children at Kiddiwinkie Newton came together to conclude what they have learnt by creating a mind map on Physical Disabilities. After they were done, they were asked to present their understanding in front of their friends.

And that is the end of week 1! Stay tuned for our update for week 2. :)

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