Lacambacal Kollene Rae Marcelo

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Braddell Heights Blk 417

Lacambacal Kollene Rae Marcelo
23 Aug 2018

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @Braddel Heights 417: Preparing for Raising Rhino Exhibit

After the Learning Journey and the interview session with Zoo Keeper Ram, the K1 and K2 children started to focus on preparing for Oban’s 1st birthday celebration! 

Everyone showed so much enthusiasm and excitement as the K1 and K2 worked together for Oban’s first birthday party! 

Creating the Fix the Horn and Pin the Tail on the Rhino game!

Making the mud for the Rhino to bathe in

Making the trees in the Savannas

Painting, making and building Oban’s birthday cake.

The children writing their wishes for Oban

Making party hats for Oban’s first birthday party!

The children are indeed working very hard to make the Oban feel loved! Empathy and Compassion are just two of the many things that they children have learned through this meaningful experience! Join us on 8 September as we celebrate Oban’s first birthday party!

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