Lacambacal Kollene Rae Marcelo

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Braddell Heights Blk 417

Lacambacal Kollene Rae Marcelo
23 Aug 2018

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @Braddell Heights 417: Learning Journey 2018

The K1 and K2 children went on a Learning Journey on 19 July 2018 wherein the school worked closely together with Wildlife Reserves Singapore (community partner) to learn all there is to know about Rhinos!

The children were so excited to go to the zoo and finally meet the animal that they have grown to know and love: the Rhinoceros!

They were very excited to meet the rhinos in the Singapore Zoo! The children were in awe as the had a chance to meet the rhinos up close!

WRS also arranged a special feeding session for the rhinos accompanied by the Rhinos’ zoo keeper Mr.Ram

WRS also arranged a very special Q and A sessions for the children to have with Zoo Keeper Ram! The children learned so much more about the Rhinos, and of course, Oban!

The children truly enjoyed meeting the Rhinos and seeing Oban in person!

They were also granted a wonderful opportunity to make a toy for Oban to exercise!

Making a toy for Oban by adding hay in the boxes and sealing it. This will help the rhinos exercise!

The K1 and K2 children had so much fun and truly learned a lot in this wonderful Learning Journey! The children also learned that Oban (the youngest Rhino in Singapore) will be celebrating his first birthday on 6th September. This prompted the children to throw a birthday party for Oban on 8th September 2018!

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