Shariffah Nadiah Binte Syed Ahmad Al Mushayah

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Fengshan Blk 184 (CC)

Shariffah Nadiah Binte Syed Ahmad Al Mushayah
12 Oct 2017

Mystic Warriors gives Kindness!

27 September 2017, Wednesday

Remember the kindness challenge that the local radio station Gold 90.5FM did at the supermarket recently? Yes, the one where complete strangers stepped up to pay for someone who was short of cash whilst at the cashier? Our teachers showed us a video of that in class and asked if we would like to do something similar.

Gold905 DJs Make Someone’s Day by Covering their Grocery Bill

6 years of togetherness. This project tighten us as a team of 28 kiddos!

Of course, we jumped on the opportunity with no hesitation. Except…. we didn’t do it with cash as we are still slowly grasping the concept of money. Nonetheless, we did something similar, which involves our favourite; sweet treats!

Chocolates always have a way of warming our hearts, no matter our age.

One afternoon soon after our naptime and tea break, feeling all fresh and energised, our teachers brought us out to start on our journey. We didn’t go anywhere far. Just a place close and familiar to our hearts; our neighbourhood at Fengshan. She briefed us of the do’s and don’ts as well as safety protocols before we embarked. We started off feeling very shy and afraid. We didn’t know how the response is going to be like! Our teacher, Teacher Nadiah was very kind to start the ball rolling. She made it look so easy, and to see the smile carved on the stranger’s face felt good.

We do wonder how such a simple act can spark such warmness. The only way to find out was to try!

First up, we went to the bus stop where many working adults as well as school children alight. Many of them looked restless and sweaty due to the scorching hot sun. Few of my classmates and I handed out out hand with the chocolate and gave it to them. “We hope you have a good day ahead!” They looked clueless at first, but after reading the note on the chocolate bar, they understood our intention and gave us the widest smile. “Phew! That was scary!!” Some of us said. It was a relief!

Really, you have to try to believe. Such a warm fuzzy feeling inside.

Next we took a walk to the adjacent blocks while singing our hearts away to the tune of songs we learnt in school. Many of the people gave us a smile as we walk past them. They must have thought we are on our everyday environmental walk, but little did they know, we have something better up our sleeves.

Upon reaching the blocks, we were separated into smaller groups and did what we came for. Some of our recipients included secondary school boys, our classmates’ helpers and family members, tired looking working adults and not forgetting, the foreign constructor workers! Without them, our country wouldn’t be what it is today.

It is true when they say that by giving, you gain alot more!

It really amaze how how a bar of chocolate can changes the course of someone’s day. It is a definite magic!

On our way back to school, we bumped into Aunty Wen Ping, our centre cleaner and since we had one more chocolate bar left, we decided that she deserves a little kindness from us as a token of appreciation for cleaning our centre.

Thank you Auntie Weng Ping for keeping the centre clean!

We had an amazing time giving smiles to strangers. Indeed, as the saying goes “A little kindness goes a long way” and in line with the SSDB slogan “Alone we can do ao little. Together we can do so much.”

Keep the kindness baton going! Until next time! This is PCF Sparkletots Preschool@Fengshan Blk 184, signing out!! 🤗

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