Choo Buay Ngor (Zhu Mei'E)

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Serangoon Blk 125 (kn)

Choo Buay Ngor (Zhu Mei'E)
22 Aug 2017

Little Green Fingers

As a follow up of the introduction to gardening, our team of children and teachers joined hands with our resident gardeners to continueour experiential learning journey on planting. Our parents and other residents were kind enough to donate plastic bottles and the teachers cut them out to make it suitable for planting. Children decorated the cut bottles and filled in soil with the help of resident gardeners and teachers. They then planted cuttings of Coleus and Japanese Rose plants with thwir little green fingers.

Our resident gardeners demonstrating preparation of soil.

Little Green Fingers Working!

And Look at Our Pretty Little Plants!!

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