Fathin Nasuha Bte Md Sham

Skool4Kidz @ Senja Parc View

Fathin Nasuha Bte Md Sham
1 Sep 2018

Launching SSDB 2018

Happy greetings from Skool4kidz Preschool (Senja)!

It was with delight when our centre decided to jump on board and participate in this year’s SSDB project. We believe in the importance for children to learn to be kind from young; to families, friends, animals and the environment too!

For this year’s SSDB project, we decided to do our part in educating the little ones on ways they can contribute to the conservation of wildlife through small little ways. It pains us to share that due to people’s ignorance in caring more for the environment, we have driven some animals to the edge of extinction, of which, includes the Giant Panda. We took this opportunity to give a chance for our smart little ones to learn more on conservation and ‘Caring for the Environment and Animals.’

We have chosen to learn more about the Giant Pandas as it is close to home with our own two famous lovable pandas, Jia Jia and Kai Kai!

Teachers had so much fun planning and preparing for the launch party. So that is why during our launch party, the children of class K1 and K2, coloured printed panda paws and pasted it up as a pledge to learn more and help in any way we can!

Stay tuned for more!

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