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Just Kids @ Jurong

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13 Aug 2017

Just Kids Earth Walk - Fundraising Walkathon and Environmental Awareness Carnival

On 12 August 2017, all our Just Kids centres come together to organise a fundraising walkathon carnival, “Just Kids Earth Walk”, for SSDB President’s Challenge. Through this event, we hope to spread messages on environmental awareness and energy conservation, while at the same time promote healthy lifestyle and family bonding.

To further promote the spirit of giving back to the society, Just Kids management absorbed all the costs involved in planning and preparation and the full amount collected from the purchase of race packs, kite making kits and picnic packs will be donated to the President’s Challenge 2017.

We started off the event with a Mass Dance to keep the families warmed up for the event.

After the Mass Dance, the children from our ten centres presented their performances. Our children turned into green heroes with their capes made using biodegradable plastic bags.

We set up individual booths with activities to educate on how we can do our part in saving the earth and what alternatives can we use to conserve energy. The booths includes making use of recyclables to create wind chimes, barometer, water filtration system, solar powered car, water powered boat, plastic bag flowers, light box, hand drum and also planting of money plant in used bottles.

Our main highlight, the walkathon! The children began charging at the start with the blow of the whistle.

The children were all given a medal at the end of the walk.

The families also made their kites and had their picnic after the walk. In addition to all the exciting activities, we hired balloon sculpturing and a photo booth for the families to capture the fond memories.

Thank you to all the supportive parents for making time for this meaningful event!!!

And all the staff involved in making this event a success!!

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