Seet Chia Puay

Children's Cove

Seet Chia Puay
1 Sep 2017


“Generosity is a practical expression of love” - Gary Inrig

For our learning about “generosity”, the children worked together to bake lots of cookies! The children from N1 to K2 children baked numerous trays of cookies, whilst the little PN children helped to pack those cookies into the bags. We kept in mind that we were baking to put the smiles on others’ faces and we had to resist the temptation to keep the cookies for ourselves. We reminded ourselves to be generous! When we were done, we went around RELC Building to distribute cookies to the people around. We picked up our courage (applying our learning from the previous week), and handed cookies to strangers. At the end of the baking session, each child packed 2 bags of cookies home. One was to share with their parents, the other is to share with a neighbor. Start small – to bake and give out cookies, dream big – to bring smiles to everyone! That’s the spirit behind our service learning for the week!

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