Goh Pei Yu

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Pioneer Blk 662B

Goh Pei Yu
28 Aug 2018

Dog Toy Making - Parent and Child Bonding Session at PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Pioneer Blk 662B

Following the success of the first parent and child bonding session during the launch party, we organised a second bonding session to make stuffed tennis ball toy for dogs.

Prior to the session, the school collaborated with the community to collect various recycling materials required for the toy making. Parents donated long socks and People’s Association (Family Life Champions) contributed used tennis balls for the event.

Parents and children gathered for the toy making session. The children worked together with their parents to stuffed tennis balls into socks, cut the socks, braid the ends and tied knots to complete the toy.

Ms Susan Lim from People’s Association (Family Life Champions) donated tennis ball for the toy making session.

Ms Susan Lim prepared surprised gifts for children to give to their mother as the toy making session was on Mother’s Day.

Parents worked together with their children to complete the dog toys.

The completed toys were to be delivered to SPCA for the abandoned dogs living in the shelter. This bonding session helped to spread the awareness of abandoned pets to parents and children. It also allowed children to recognised that even though they are small, they are still able to make a difference.

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