Seet Chia Puay

Children's Cove

Seet Chia Puay
1 Sep 2017


“Courage is the magic that turns dreams into reality” - Aster and Richter Abend 

Children’s Cove began our journey with our Week 1 topic, “Courage”. The children played a game where we had to work in pairs. A child was blindfolded and her partner provided instructions verbally to guide her in picking up hidden objects. Through this game, the children displayed courage in play and in trusting their friends.

Courage is about understanding that “it’s OK to be different”. We read the book, “Going Places” by Peter & Paul H Reynolds to inspire and challenge the children to think differently. Using recycled toilet rolls, the children worked in pairs and came up with many great ideas such as cars, rockets, bikes and planes.

Courage to ask was something that we worked on too. The children picked up their courage to ask for permission to visit the private library within RELC Building and is closed to public. The children picked up their courage in spite of fear to seek the librarian to open the library for us to visit. The librarian was very kind to allow the special request. The children felt great and special to be allowed in.

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