Ms Jolyn Soon YanLin

Cherie Hearts Kidz Campus

Ms Jolyn Soon YanLin
27 Aug 2018

Cherie Hearts Kidz Campus @ Pasir Ris  Elias Mall  - Event : Ex-K2 Children Gathering Cum Sharing Session

Cherie Hearts Kidz Campus @ Pasir Ris Elias Mall

On 14 March 2018 (Wednesday), we invited our ex-K2 children to come back for gathering as one of our annual events.

For many of our ex-K2 children, they had been with us for several years. It is understandable that many of them might have missed their good preschool friends and wished to have opportunities to meet their preschool friends again after they had promoted to Primary School.

Having understand this feeling and great support from parents, we have since then made it as an annual event for our ex-K2 children to gather during one of the school holidays in the month of March.

We invited our ex-K2 children to come back with their respective Primary School’s uniform on that day of gathering.

The event started with ex-K2 children greeting each others, sharing their respective primary school’s experience and followed by taking group photographs.

We also took the opportunity for our ex-K2 children to share their primary school experience with our current K2 children.

The sharing session was so fruitful and successful. There were many questions raise by our current K2 children and the answers provided by our ex-K2 children were so interesting and informative.

After the sharing session, the teachers prepared materials for ex-K2 children to do the craft work using the group photographs that they had just taken in the morning. The ex-K2 children were so happy and enjoyed talking to their old friends while they were doing their craft work.

After completing their craft works, they were brought to our dining area to enjoy the lunch that many of them might have missed for months, i.e. Chicken rice, the favourite dish for most of them.

After lunch, their parents started to come and bring them home. They went back with their own craft work, i.e. photo frame with group photograph. Wow! What a memorable gathering for them!

Sharing Session – “What food do you usually eat in school canteen during recess time?”

Sharing Session – “Please feel free to ask questions”

Sharing Session - “You know? My school has ……………”

Sharing Session - “Calie and I are …………. ”

Sharing Session – Q&As Session

Craft work’s time – “We used to do our works together in this manner last year!”

“Not to forget about our dear teachers who were always around to facilitate while we were doing our works!”

“Let’s show our completed works (Photo frame with our group photo)!”

“Let’s hug before going home!”

“Let’s hug before going home!”

“Let’s take one picture with our dear teacher!”

“And one more with our dear mums and teacher!”

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