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1 Sep 2017

Character In Our Tree

At our school, we understand the importance of character development and we aim to lay a strong foundation for the children to grow in kindness, compassion, and confidence. Therefore, for our school’s June Holiday programme and Start Small Dream Big project, we chose ‘Character’ as our theme.

For five weeks, we learnt how to be courageous, generous, helpful, responsible, and gratitude. Each children is to write on a piece of paper shaped into a leaf, and write down their thoughts and reflection of the character that they’ve learnt for that week. They will then paste it on our tree made out of recycled materials such as cardboard and unused papers.

We made an official ceremony with the children to welcome the holiday programme as well as the Start of the Start Small Dream Big project. After that, it’s all about being courageous enough to accept who they are and the uniqueness in them.

They even gave out gifts for their friends and learnt how to give away things that they like without expecting something in return. They made cookies and wrapped it up to give a pack to their neighbour, and another to their family. It was not easy for the younger children to accept that the cookies accept are not for them, but after looking at the generosity and willingness of the older children, they too want to experience the joy of giving.

The children displayed helpful behaviour by helping to clean the school. They wiped the tables and chairs, washed their toys, and keeping their belongings neatly in their bags. They also showed a reponsible behaviour of taking care of one another when they went on a trip to the Singapore National Gallery. It was definitely a fun experience. Teachers were proud to see them reminding their partners to stick close, and to clean up after themselves and their friends.

To end the week, they completed their giving tree. They said their thank yous and welcomes, and hoped to continue building good chatacters with everyone around them. Parents and teachers worked hand in hand, and was proud of the children’s achievement. With this project, we hope to spread the good characters so that the world would be a better place to live in.

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