Fathin Nasuha Bte Md Sham

Skool4Kidz @ Senja Parc View

Fathin Nasuha Bte Md Sham
1 Sep 2018

Carnival Day

Hey, everyone! 30th June 2018 - SKOOL4KIDZ Senja Carnival

We had a carnival to raise funds to donate to Wildlfie Reserve Singapore. Everyone came together to help make the carnival a success. Parents and children were invited to join us and have a day of fun.

We did an art exhibition to showcase the children masterpieces and all about PANDAS!

We had games.

There were jumble sale (some of the things were donated by our dear parents @ S4K) , games and bake sales. There were even shadow play about pandas performed by our K1 and K2 children! 

The day was a success! We would like to thank the parents from S4K SENJA for being so supportive and joining us on that day. Our staffs worked hard to make this carnival possible.

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