Lee Ah Hiang

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Yew Tee Blk 682 (KN)

Lee Ah Hiang
21 Apr 2018

Ah Gong(s) and Ah Ma(s) our Treasures! 3rd Date...

20th April 2018 marked our 3rd date with Ah Gong(s) and Ah Ma(s). Today beside our regular morning exercise, we introduced musical percussions to them. We started off getting Ah Gong(s) and Ah Ma(s) to sing their familiar song 甜蜜蜜 and then get them to play to the beat of the rhythm using the musical percussions. Ah Gong(s) and Ah Ma(s) were very responsive and were also observed engaged interacting with the children happily.

Do look out for our launching of President’s Challenge Start Small Dream Big on the 4th May 2018!

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