Lee Ah Hiang

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Yew Tee Blk 682 (KN)

Lee Ah Hiang
29 Jun 2018

Ah Gongs Ah Mahs-Our Treasures Our 7th date after the long school term break!

29th Jun 2018 marked our 7th date with our dearest Ah Gongs and Ah Mahs. Despite the heavy rain in the morning, the children still insisted to visit Ah Gongs and Ah Mahs, knowing that as usual, they will be seated in rows waiting for their visit.

Today we introduced a new set of exercise for the elderly. It goes along with the song ‘ Can’t Stop the Feeling’ as we wanted to send the message across to the elderly, telling them that we can’t stop the feeling of loving them more. We really had a great time working on the new steps!

Art and craft which was planned by the Sparkle Care provided the children another opportunity to interact and communicate with Ah Gongs and Ah Mahs. Children and the elderly were now very comfortable with one another as there were more two ways communication as compared to the 1st semester. Cheer!

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