Lee Ah Hiang

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Yew Tee Blk 682 (KN)

Lee Ah Hiang
11 May 2018

Ah Gongs Ah Mahs- our Treasures! 5th Date...Mother/Father's Day Celebration! Part 1

11th May 2018 marked our 5th Date with Ah Gong(s) and Ah Ma(s) at Yew Tee SparkleCare- Senior Care centre. The children were very excited as they were told that today they will be the ‘little teachers’ in the centre to guide Ah Gong(s) and Ah Ma(s) to do their Mother’s/Father’s Day cards.

The children had completed their hand prints in the school the day before and Ah Gong(s)/ Ah Ma(s) just needed to complete the little heart that surround their little handprint with crepe papers.

The children also presented their Mother/ Father ‘s day goodies bags and flowers to the elderly. Both generation have a wonderful time together.

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