Radziah Bte Junan

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Macpherson Blk 108 (kn)

Radziah Bte Junan
29 Aug 2017

 MacPherson Our Home

‘MacPherson Our Home’ was crafted as part of our continuation effort to inculcate social responsibilities in our young ones.

In Semester 1, the K2’s uses various recycled materials to create objects of their interest. Their journey was documented in presented during our Parental workshop held in April

In Semester 2, we rope in the K1’s to be part of the project.They’ve presented their effort to dramatize the story ‘Earth Day’ during our Parental Workshop held recently on 26 August.

The K2’s continued their journey by spreading the message of social responsibilities to the residents of MacPherson. They had fun and gain insightful knowledge through the interview session.

Mdm Tin Pei Ling, our MP for MacPherson and advisor to the kindergarten was also invited to be interviewed by the K2’s. Through the session, they get to know important personnel in the community.

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