Radziah Bte Junan

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Macpherson Blk 108 (kn)

Radziah Bte Junan
1 Sep 2018

   K1 Children in Actions

            K1 CAPABLE

Group Name: Tasty Chilli

Loh Yong En Jerlene, Vidhaath Praveen Kumar and Nur Kesya Humyra Bte Abdul Karim of Tasty Chilli group were engaged in planting the Chilli.

This activity provides opportunities for the children to understand the process of planting the Chilli. Children used forceps to pick the seeds which would harness their fine motor skills using their pincer grip.

Now it’s time to water the seeds!

Group Name: Yummy Potato

Zayyan Iman and Adrisha prepping the soil to plant their potato.


Goup Name: Sweet Pandan Leaf

Rayyan Akid and Nur Adawiyah preparing a bigger pot of soil for the Pandan plant to grow!

Group Name: Amazing Aloe VeraAasira, Poh Qi Zi and Jagdish Saravanan giving the Aloe Vera a bigger pot!

Aasira having a closer look at the Aloe Vera plant.

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